Unique Gift Ideas for the Runner in Your Life

A holiday gift guide made by runners FOR runners! Although running is a simple sport, runners are obsessed with gear. Here is a helpful list of seventeen unique runner gifts. This holiday gift list is comprised by runners for runners – so you know you can’t go wrong! Read on to find out some ofContinue reading “Unique Gift Ideas for the Runner in Your Life”


Information about a local rail trail LOCATION: 99 Champ Blvd, Manheim, PA 17545 Click below for driving directions. Looking for a new place to run? This rail trail has been on my to-do list because it’s near Spooky Nook. My son has been practicing lacrosse there so I was eager to check it out. TheContinue reading “LANCASTER JUNCTION RAIL TRAIL”

Where to Buy Running Shoes

Specialty Store, Department store or online??? We can argue whether runners need GPS devices and heart monitors, but few would disagree about the necessity of proper running shoes. The question is: Do we visit a local specialty store, or do we shop at a department/big box retailer, or log online? My definitive answer – SHOPContinue reading “Where to Buy Running Shoes”