Unique Gift Ideas for the Runner in Your Life

A holiday gift guide made by runners FOR runners!

Although running is a simple sport, runners are obsessed with gear. Here is a helpful list of seventeen unique runner gifts. This holiday gift list is comprised by runners for runners – so you know you can’t go wrong! Read on to find out some of the favorite items from RUN717 athletes.


Do you have a marathoner in your life? Here are three unusual ideas for runners who like to go 26.2 miles. Let them relive their race with these ideas! Better get comfortable though, because you might have to sit through a recap.

This medal display isn’t limited to the marathoner, any runner who races would appreciate this. I thought this was a unique way to showcase your special races. You could use it to display medals from your marathons, World Majors, or maybe the races where you earned a personal record. Either way, it is an attractive and unique method for displaying the medals. Click on image to learn more.

This engraved bottle is a fun way to encourage your favorite marathoner to stay hydrated while congratulating them on crushing that race. Featuring a detailed map of a famous marathon path (New York, Boston, and a bunch more are available), the powder-coated stainless steel bottle is triple-wall vacuum sealed to keep cold drinks that way for 24 hours and hot drinks warm for up to 12. It also has a leak-proof screw-on cap, so tossing it in a gym bag or backpack isn’t a problem when you’ve got to run. Marathon Map Hydration Bottle

RUN717 athlete Chris loves these pint glasses. Mile after grueling mile, what’s on a marathoner’s mind? The most deliciously well-deserved beverage imaginable? The post-marathon beer. And never has there been a more suitable glass for it. These classic pint glasses are beautifully etched with the famous routes and surrounding city maps of top marathons, plus finish line coordinates and date of the inaugural race. A unique gift for seasoned marathoners and aspiring ones alike. Have a beer and relive the race here: Etched pint glass.

Not into beer? Neither is RUN717 athlete Amber, she prefers art! This lovely framed course map is a great way to relive your favorite marathon. I love that it is personalized with the date and finish time. You can find the Boston Marathon print here, but Etsy has many other races available


Do you know someone obsessed with numbers? If you know a runner, I’m sure you have heard them talk about their longest runs, weekly mileage, and pace. These creatures love to track everything and there are some perfect runner gifts to fill their needs.

Even though we have the ability to track runs digitally, Coach Hodge is old-fashioned and prefers a written journal. There are tons of training journals on the market and my favorite is one of the Lauren Fleshman journals. Runners can record mileage, pace, shoes, elevation, and weather. Now runners have a safe place to brag about how they ran uphill both ways in a blizzard. Click on image to learn more.

runner gifts

Every runner has story about their favorite races. Unlike a journal that tracks daily runs, this is one that allows them to track just their races. It makes keeping track of personal records a whole lot easier! It can also be motivating to see improvement and growth. Watch out – it may turn some runners into race-aholics! This beautiful journal not only tracks race name, distance, and time, but it includes other details as well. This race logbook would make a great runner gift!

Want to help the runner in your life meet their potential? Here is where science + nutrition meet. By analyzing your body’s data, they give you a clear picture of what’s going on inside you along with a science-backed action plan for improving your health and becoming your best self. It’s very simple – print out a lab slip from your home computer, bring it to a nearby lab, then wait for results. Coach Hodge had this done and it was enlightening! I learned that my ferritin was low and my cortisol (stress hormone) was hgh! Now I can make some dietary changes and train smarter. Follow this link to learn more about Insidetracker. Use code HODGEPROGIFT for $200 off the Ultimate Package and get a FREE Inner Age.


SPLURGE – Does the runner in your life deserve something extra special? The next few runner gifts are bigger ticket items for the serious runner in your life.

Upgrading a watch can be an excellent gift because they are constantly adding new features. I could do an entire blog post on each watch, so I’m just going to share my two favorite GPS watches from a coaching perspective. GPS watches are like cars – there is a make and then a specific model. The the two top makers are Garmin and Coros. Garmin has been around longer and has excellent customer service. Coros is a newer company and they are known for battery life. I suggest making a list of the features you need because watch shopping can be overwhelming.

My favorite Garmin watch is the Forerunner 245. It packs the best of Garmin’s sensors, training apps, and health trackers into a device that’s comfortable to wear all day and night. There’s also a Music edition that can store up to 500 songs to help power you through your workouts. I like that it’s easy to use.

The top Coros option is the Coros Pace 2. I have both a Garmin and Coros watch and each has it’s pros and cons. The battery life on the Coros Pace 2 is amazing and it is more comfortable on my writst. And hey, Kipchoge wears this watch. If it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me!

RUN717 just purchased Normatech Recovery Boots to help their athletes recover quicker. Gretchen S also swears by these! She says the NormaTec boots are a huge asset to recovery. After a long run or hard training session, nothing feels better than slipping those boots on and flushing the toxins out of your legs. As a nurse who’s on her feet all day it’s also a great way to relax after a day at work.


Even though the next few gifts are practical, it doesn’t mean they won’t be well received. Any runner will be thrilled to open these this holiday season.

I had a number of RUN717 athletes recommend this item, so I knew I had to include it. Rosie said it best – “I love the Noxgear lighted vest! It has spread like wildfire in our running group. First one person got one, now we’re like a Noxgear army! It’s a relief not to worry about being visible in the dark.” This is on my want list! If you are interested in getting some more tips for running in the dark, read Coach Brenner’s blog post – What You Need to Know About Running in the Dark.

The Kolala Clip was another popular item with the ladies of RUN717. This is definitely going on my wish list! RUN717 athlete Elysia G loves her Koala Clip. It clips into the back of a racer back sports bra and is an easy way to store phone, keys, cash or ID/credit cards. It stays put and doesn’t move, so you barely realize it’s there. I’ve worn it for an entire marathon and experienced zero chafing!

Dee K had this to say about the Koala Clip: This phone holder is one of the best hidden secrets I know for women. For years I used a spi belt and hated having to carry my phone around my waist. I hated feeling the pressure around my waist and as the phones got bigger I started getting horrible chaffing on my lower back. Then I found Koala clip. It has been a game changer for me. You put your phone in the pouch and then you attach it under your shirt on your sports bra. It’s amazing. It stays in place, doesn’t move and no chaffing! I have really embraced the importance of running with my phone for so many safety reasons and Koala clip has made that so easy to do! Use code RUN717 for 10% off!


Putting money back into the community is ALWAYS a good idea. Here are a few local options for you.

If you run in PA you have to know Jason over at RUNPA. He is a good friend and offers some of the highest quality gear! Head on over to runpa and pick out something to make your runner friend look good. While you are at it, get something for yourself.

Another local option is RUN717! That’s right! We offer gift certificates and they are especially popular this time of year. Know someone who needs a gentle kick in the butt? Maybe they are a newbie and need some guidance. Coach Laura Brenner did this for her mom last year and it resulted in a 20 minute marathon PR! You can purchase month-to-month coaching for $125 per month, or you can purchase a customized training plan. Want them to open something? By a high quality RUN717 hat with your gift certificate!

These high quality hats are $25 (plus $5 shipping). Local pick up available.

Send me an email @ run717coaching@gmail.com for details.

You could also visit your local running store Flying Feet in York or Inside Track in Lancaster. I got a few gift certificates for my birthday in July and it was the perfect excuse to get some new running shoes! Another option is a race entry, these options are endless.


It’s no lie runners love all things food. You can’t go wrong with a food related gift! Elite marathoner Shalane Flanagan has three great cookbooks out. I have the first two and can’t wait to get my hands on the third. The soup recipes in the older cookbook are a favorite of RUN717 athletes Jay and Denise.

Eating breakfast is the biggest struggle I see in runners I coach.  Science tells us that what you eat at the start of the day impacts everything: your mood, your work output, your cravings, your sleep, and even your long-term health. In Rise and Run, discover a better a.m. routine and nourish your entire day with more than 100 recipes for nutrient-dense breakfasts, recovery drinks, packable snacks, and best-of-all: twenty-four new Superhero Muffin recipes (both savory and sweet). Click on image to learn more.

It’s important to fuel your runner during theri runs as well. Tailwind endurance fuel mixes clear with water to provide all your calories, electrolytes and hydration. Simple to use with a clean, light taste. I used to suffer from gastric distress – Tailwind was a game changer that helped me run my best marathons. Learn more by visiting Tailwind.

Hope you found something on this list for your favorite runner! Let me know if I forgot something that you love!

*Disclosure: RUN717 only recommend products we would use and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that, at no additional cost to you, may earn us a small commission.

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