Why hire a running coach?

Having a running coach is not limited to elite athletes. Many runners, especially beginners, can benefit from a customized training plan. Besides helping you improve, ongoing feedback can help you stay motivated. Having professional guidance can also minimize injury, help you train smarter and provide accountability.


Initial consultation to evaluate current fitness level and determine appropriate goals.

I will develop a customized training plan tailored to your lifestyle, goals, and fitness level. This is a dynamic plan that can be adjusted due to weather, schedule, or other factors. Coaching includes:

  • Unlimited contact with your running coach for questions, clarification, feedback, and support.
  • Nutritional and hydration guidance including race day fueling.
  • Injury prevention guidance.
  • Strength and flexibility exercises.
  • Mental strength tactics and exercises.
  • Racing and pacing strategies.

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Coach Hodge and Flying Feet teammate racing a local half marathon.


First, please fill out this form so that I may learn about you:

Include race name and date if known, and time.

After that, please remit payment. The cost is $125 per month. I accept paypal @paypal.me/fastmaster262, Venmo @RUN717 and also credit cards through the Wave app. If you would like to send a personal check let me know and then I will send you my address.


RUN717 Coaching

One month of coaching


Once the above items are completed, I will contact you with further questions. Training plans are then delivered by a spreadsheet and are updated weekly. Together we can define short-term and long-term goals. I will review your responses and customize a current training plan.

Questions? Email me at fastmaster262@gmail.com or call (717) 855-6822