What You Need to Know About Running in the Dark

Photo by Tobias Greitzke onUnsplash How you can stay safe and have fun during a night run By Laura M. Brenner, assistant coach Brace yourselves. Winter is coming. Sorry. I couldn’t help myself. That’s just how winter running feels in the northeast when daylight hours are limited, and temperatures plunge. It’s not that I don’tContinue reading “What You Need to Know About Running in the Dark”

Where to Buy Running Shoes

Specialty Store, Department store or online??? We can argue whether runners need GPS devices and heart monitors, but few would disagree about the necessity of proper running shoes. The question is: Do we visit a local specialty store, or do we shop at a department/big box retailer, or log online? My definitive answer – SHOPContinue reading “Where to Buy Running Shoes”