Running During Coronavirus

Do you know in some countries (India being one) individuals are not allowed to run outside? In Ireland, you can’t run more than 2k from home. I’ve been trying to keep the RUN717 posts positive and motivating – it helps me as much as it helps you! As I see increased restrictions in the US and around the world, I feel it is important to address etiquette for running during the Coronavirus. Thankfully, Dr Fauci, director of the NIH (video below), is an avid runner. Despite working 15 hours a day, he makes running a priority. I believe the US will not lose the right to exercise outdoors, but I am nervous.

Right now, most people in the US are allowed to run outside in small groups – although in some areas runners have to be solo even now, and there are other areas that have curfews. Do you want to continue running outside? Please follow the directions for running etiquette during the COVID 19 pandemic. You may not agree with the rules, but that doesn’t matter.


  • Run solo if at all possible. If you can’t do this, then keep the group as small as possible.
  • Practice social distancing. This not only means 6 feet away from your running partner, but it also means 6 feet away from other people you might encounter.
  • If you go to a common trail, rail trail, park and it is full or busy, run somewhere else. They are having to shut down these running locations because they are crowded. Remember when you were a new runner and not comfortable running on roads? Let the newbies have common areas.
  • This goes without saying – don’t spit or blow snot rockets. This was accepted behavior before, it isn’t now.

School tracks that were open and are now closed. Public parks that were a haven are now closed due to being crowded. In New York City, you can be fined for not practicing social distancing. I had a reader tell me that the police drive the park loop blaring the message on a loudspeaker.

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Did I forget any important precautions? Let me know! Stay safe!

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