Boston Marathon Versus COVID-19, Part I

Starting line of Boston Marathon Photo
Are we going to see the Boston Marathon start line in 5 weeks?

Will the Boston Marathon be affected by the Coronavirus? I have thirteen athletes preparing for the Boston Marathon and wondering the same thing. With six weeks left, we are in our final push before the taper. The current COVID-19 situation is on everyone’s mind – understandably so. The Tokyo Marathon, like the Boston Marathon, is one of the World Majors Marathons, and on March 1, it was cancelled for non-elite runners. World Athletics announced the postponement of the World Half Marathon Championships in Poland. The Paris Half Marathon was also recently rescheduled. Hong Kong, Rome, and Barcelona marathons were also either cancelled or postponed.

Will Boston Marathon be added to this ill-fated list? Will Boston cancel or postpone? There is no way of predicting that. I’m encouraged that the Los Angeles Marathon was held this past weekend despite coronavirus concerns. Here is what I do know: The BAA is monitoring the situation and they will do everything they can to hold the event. If they decide to cancel or postpone, I am guessing it will be done at the last minute.

What can you do?

Uncertainty creates anxiety. What can you do? Control what you can, and let go of what you cannot.

  • Continue to prepare for the marathon. It is easy for me to say don’t worry about it until you have to, but what is the alternative? Skipping workouts because it MIGHT be cancelled? Follow your training plan.
  • Focus on recovery. This means improving your diet and getting adequate sleep. Your immunity will be the strongest if you get adequate sleep.
  • Get the most up to date and accurate information. This means visiting the Center for Disease Contol, PA Department of Health (or your state’s health department), and the World Health Organization. Do not use Facebook or blogs as your primary source of information. Fact check!
  • Practice good hygiene. Wash hands, stay home if you’re sick, and avoid sick people.
  • Most importantly, stay calm. Stay informed, but if you find yourself overloading on the Coronavirus news, unplug for a day or two.
  • One of my athletes has made a Plan B. If Boston is cancelled, she has plans to run a different marathon. Need to find options? Here is a list of marathons in the RUN717 area: Local Marathons. This can help put your mind at ease. No one wants their training to go to waste!

Good luck in your final weeks of training and I hope to see all of you here in five weeks!

boston marathon finish line

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