Running in the snow – Don’t let the snow stop you from running!

Winter is here in Pennsylvania! We are having our first “messy” day. Will you run outside?

Here are four options for your shoes to help you stay safe: trail shoes, screwed shoes, yak tracks, and ICEBUG shoes. All 4 are great options for icy or snowy conditions.

Trail shoes speak for themselves. You probably have a pair anyway and if areas aren’t too slick, these could be your best option. This is what I use of I am going to run on lightly snow covered roads. They provide a bit more traction than my regular running shoes.

The screwed shoes are another inexpensive option. Maybe you aren’t a trail runner but you have extra trainers around. I took a used pair of shoes, and attached a few screws. The downside to this is that I had to donate a pair of shoes for the cause. You shouldn’t have any issues with screws poking through or water entering, but be sure your screws aren’t too long. So if you have a spare set of shoes, this may be the option for you!

The middle option are yak tracks (I have used a generic version in the past…I don’t recommend that because the nobs on mine fell out). This is a great option if you race frequently or if you are unsure of conditions. I personally don’t like using these because I find that snow collects on the bottom and creates extra weight. If you are running a shorter run it wouldn’t be as bad.

I haven’t had the opportunity to try these ICEBUG shoes yet, but I can’t wait! (The benefit of being a sub elite runner is that I often get freebies to try!) These shoes are used in SWEDEN, where they obviously know how to keep active outside. They have a tread like sole and metal studs that are built in. They are pretty easy to find online, and are competitively prices compared to other running shoes.Don’t make the weather an excuse not to run, but stay safe. Do you have another option you use?

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